According to a study conducted at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay there has been a total of 80,665 premature deaths of persons over 30 years of age in Mumbai and Delhi in 2015 alone owing to Air pollution. This is a two-fold increase from 1995 and this figure will only keep increasing if the current situation continues. After Diwali, Delhi was left in smokes and the air was unbreathable.  Many activists raised this issue and steps were taken to tackle this problem but nothing has been successfully implemented. India spent $10.66 billion (Rs 70,000 crore) in 2015 as air pollution cost for two cities which is about 0.71% of the country’s gross domestic product. Over the decade respiratory problems and other diseases have increased. Between the two cities Delhi had the highest premature deaths as a result of its higher pollution levels and emission of PM10( fine particulate matter measuring 10 microns) from vehicles.

Air pollution’s impacts in Delhi.

The emergency room visits also increased to 64,037 in 2015 by people diagnosed by respiratory problems. It has gone up by 35.4% with comparison to 1995. Air pollution also reduced  the total productivity days in 2015. The casualty number also saw significant increase from 1995; it went up from19,716 to 48,651 in Delhi and from19,291 to 32,014 in Mumbai. The worsening climate is responsible for lung diseases and fresh air is not found anywhere in these cities. Filled with smog all day there is difficulty to see a building that is 300 meters away. It is adding to the country’s cost. “Disability adjusted life years” represent the number of years lost for a human being due to illnesses. This illnesses that was caused by air pollution increased in Delhi and Mumbai from 0.34 million to 0.75 million and 0.34 million to 0.51 million. The PM10 level should decrease by 44% and 67% in Mumbai and Delhi in order to reach a level where the air is safe to breath. Many newborns and infants are affected by air pollution. Measures should be implemented soon before time runs out.


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