Combinations of food can be harmful, I must be kidding, no! It is possible as there are certain combinations of food that are harmful and is dangerous to health. If you take these combinations of food, you feel heavy and bloated but you never pay attention behind the reason. The reason for this can be your wrong food combinations.

So, today know about the combinations of food that you should avoid from today:

1. Food with Water:

Water has a tendency diluting the acids of stomach and breaking of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Meal with water is a toxic combination of food and is dangerous to health, so drink water before 20 minutes of having meal.

2. Pizza with Soda:

Our pizza is incomplete without soda or coke but this combination of food is dangerous to health as pizza contains carbs, starch and soda contains sugars which results in complex digestion.

3. Lemons with Cough and Cold syrup:

If you’re taking dose of cough syrup or any medicine then avoid taking lemonade at that time. As lemon blocks the breakdown of certain enzymes like dextromethorphan that leads to accumulating in the bloodstreams and this combination of food isn’t good for health.

4. Yogurt with Fruits:

As we know fruits contain fibers and the yogurt is rich in proteins but together they produce toxins and this combination of food is dangerous to health.

5. Meat with Potatoes:

This combination of food is not good for health as meat contains protein and potato contains carb. So, beware guys this food combo consists of saturated fats and proteins that makes it difficult to digest and is dangerous to health.

6. Milk with Banana:

We often take banana milk shake considering it healthy but it’s time to know the truth. This combination of food is heavy on your stomach and is dangerous to health.

7. Fries with Burgers:

We think burger without fries is incomplete but this combination of is dangerous to health.

8. Milk with Cereals:

This combination of food is synonymous to breakfast but is not good for health because both are fast digesting carbs that can be the reason of stress.
Be careful for your next time!
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