Security forces stand guard at the site of a suicide attack on the Supreme Court in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Feb. 7, 2017. Photo Courtesy:-(AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

At least 20 people were killed and 41 others wounded in a powerful bomb blast outside the Supreme Court in the 9th district of Kabul city in Afghanistan on Tuesday, the Ministry of Public Health officials said. A suicide bomber was on foot and detonated his suicide vest packed with explosive near the Supreme Court employees, when they were coming out of the main court building at the end of the working day, Najibullah Danish, deputy spokesman for the interior ministry, told AFP.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, in what appeared to be the latest in a series of attacks on the judiciary, the explosion was a suicide bombing that occurred in the car parking area of the Supreme Court of Afghanistan. But Taliban insurgents have attacked the country’s top court and its employees in the past, as well as court buildings in the other provinces.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health Waheedullah Mayar confirmed that at least 20 people were killed and 41 injured in the explosion, later the wounded people were taken to the nearest city hospitals. Wounded people are now being treated in a very serious condition. Security forces were rushed to the spot within minutes of the attack and Kabul police have been deployed at the total blast area.

Reuters witnesses at the scene reported blood stains on the street and numerous ambulances and fire trucks leaving the area. Not all the victims have been identified yet but that an investigation was underway, said the interior ministry deputy spokesman, Najibullah Danish.

The Kabul suicide bombing came hours after a roadside bombing killed the top government district official in western Farah province. Then the Taliban group claimed responsibility for that attack, said Taliban spokesman Qari Yusouf Ahmadi. Taliban insurgents frequently use the techniques of suicide attacks and roadside bombs to target government officials as well as Afghan security forces across the country.

Iqbal Baher, a Farah police spokesman said that Abdul Khaliq, the top official in the Khak-e-Safed district, was on his way to home from the mosque when the explosion took place in the city of Farah, the provincial capital.

Last month, Taliban bombers killed more than 30 people and wounded about 80 in twin explosions in a parliament annexe in Kabul during the afternoon rush hour. The Islamic extremists Taliban, fighting to oust foreign forces and bring down the U.S.-backed government, also claimed responsibility for the 10th January attack.


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