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Republican Donald Trump’s unexpected election victory in the Presidential election incited the American citizens to conduct protests across United States on Wednesday, where thousands of people came together and took to the streets in several cities. The protests were  against his pompous campaign and racist and demeaning comments on women,  immigrants, Muslims and several other groups.

The protests erupted in cities including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, Philadelphia and Seattle shortly after the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, was defeated by Trump through the electoral college on Tuesday despite  winning the popular vote.

Numerous high school and college students marched out in Seattle, Phoenix, Los Angeles and three other cities in the Bay Area, Richmond, El Cerrito and Oakland.

The parade first started early on Wednesday morning on the West coast after Trump told his diehard supporters in New York City that Hillary Clinton had called and conceded victory to him. By evening, large rallies surfaced in Seattle and Oakland, symbolized by the hashtag #NotMyPresident.

As night approached in Chicago urban, protestants assembled in Sixth Avenue and walked toward the Trump Tower. They carried signs and banners that read, “Not my president”, “She got more votes” and “Hands off my pussy”. These slogans were a reference to an audio recording that had leaked where the elected President gloated misogynistically that because of his famous status he had the right to assault women sexually. The police made a number of arrests.

Nina, an actor living in Manhattan said, “I’m distraught at the decision. He’s a horrible, horrible man, not the leader of the America I live in. Or the America I thought I lived in.” The agitators condemned Trump’s campaign pledge where he had stated that a wall would be built along the Mexican border with the U.S. to bar illegal immigrants and other comments he made demeaning people for their colour and race. The gathered activists called the arranged protests as “emergency Trump protest”.

Demonstrators practically shut down Chicago, interrupting the traffic as they screamed their slogans with conviction. “Trump is not my president”, “Fuck your tower! Fuck your wall!” In New York city people chanted outside Trump Tower’s brass facade as a number of New York police worked blockades. Behind the blockades, eight department sanitation trucks filled with dirt were positioned.

Helicopters were dispatched to track the rebelling processions from above, while the police staunchly guarded the Trump Tower. The Chicago police blocked roads in the midtown, in order to break the path of the protesting party.

“A presidency under Trump is scary. The only good thing is that people are coming together to stop him. It’s dividing and uniting at the same time.”, a 19-year old student, Izzy Mosser said.




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