There’s no doubt that Avengers: Infinity War will be the biggest box-office monster of this year but many trade analysts and online portals have predicted that it can break the record of the biggest opening by a movie in the US-currently the record is with Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($247.5 million).

According to the online move ticket selling portal, Fandango, a few days ago, the film has outpaced the previous 7 Marvel films combined, in the pre-release ticket sales!

According to Fandango stats, Avengers: Infinity War is set to gross not less than $215 million, at the domestic box-office alone! And it can only go beyond this, which means that it can definitely break the opening weekend’s domestic box-office record of $247.5 million, set by The Force Awakens in 2015!

And if all goes as per the expectations, Infinity War will also become the highest grossing MCU movie in the opening week and will break the record of 2012’s The Avengers’s $207 million, which is also the highest grossing MCU film of all-time, till now.

So, there are many things in the box-office universe which will get re-structured by Avengers: Infinity War-heavily and effectively!


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