Seeing and Eating Apple, Banana, Orange, Grapes etc. daily make you bored? If you feel gloomy eating everyday fruits, fade up of hearing their health benefits and looking for edible, cool-looking or exotic fruit? But don’t know about any of such fruit. Then not to worry anymore guys.

We have few hardly-seen-before list of fruits that you can search in your grocery store.

Here’s your guide to 10 weird fruits around the world.

1. Durain fruit


This fruit is known as ‘King of Fruits’ in Southeast Asia but the word derived from the Malaysian name ‘duri’ meaning spike. But, the most shocking thing is that this fruit is banned in some places in Singapore.

2. Monstera Deliciosa


Swiss Cheese Wine or even monster fruit is mostly found in Mexico. However, this monstera fruit is not very attractive in look but people widely used it for interior decor purpose.

3. Physalis


Physalis or Inca Berry is a fruit looks like a lantern in its closed state and tastes as good as its looks.

4. Cherymoya


It is also known as custard apple and its taste is a blend of different fruits that can make you taste buds excited.

5. Wood Apple


As the name has word apple but it is opposite, as it covers with the thick layer like a wood. This fruit is mostly found in India.

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6. Platonia


This fruit is a native of Amazon forests of Brazil and the fruit has a thick yellow skin and is oval shaped.

7. Ugli Fruit


The first thing comes to mind when we read the name of this fruit that it must be originated from the word ugly. But, Ugli fruit has a splendid taste and you will like it surely.

8. Kiwano Melon


It is also known as horned melon due to its spikes in the yellow flesh.

9. Dragon Fruit


Do you this fruit is produced in a cactus plant? Yes, it is! People also called it as Pitahaya and used it for the decorative purpose in the house.

10. Star Fruit


Though it looks like a star-shape it is known as star fruit. This yellow fruit is fully edible and juicy in taste.

Have you ever seen or eaten any of this fruit? Don’t forget to share with us in the comment!

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