Actress Zaira Wasim said she was molested on the flight

It’s really height of ‘growing molestations’ against women, no matter if they are just common women or celebrities. In yet another shocking incident, Dangal fame, teenage actress Zaira Wasim has just recently revealed through an Instagram post, that she was molested on a Vistara Delhi-Mumbai flight!

Zaira said that she was molested by a middle-aged man who repeatedly moved his foot, up and down her neck and back, when she was half asleep!

“I was sure of it,” she wrote on her story. “He kept nudging my shoulder and continued to move his foot up and down my back and neck.”

On Sunday, the actress posted on her Instagram account, a video showing her, telling about what happened to her and how she felt about this ‘dark incident’.

The actress complained about this to Air Vistara, who told that they were carrying out their investigations.

Meanwhile, a suspect has been arrested, but without getting his identity revealed.

After the flight, she posted a video, saying, “This is terrible,” she said. “No one will help up if we don’t decide to help ourselves.”

What do you all think about these kind of ‘intolerable’ acts by men against women-even teenage actresses like Zaira? Is anybody safe now?

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