A still from Deadpool 2. Image Source: www.screengeek.net

The San Diego Comic Con is the biggest event of the year where fans of movies, comics and shows, gather to witness new and enthralling offerings. The official schedule for the upcoming SDCC is out and there will be some anticipated movies making their introduction in the event along with some other products too.

Well, sadly this time we won’t be seeing anything from Marvel Studios-yes, no movies at all.

But there are big ones out there from other studios that are highly awaited and will be giving the first looks to the fans. But to replace Marvel Studios’s spot this time, there will be another Marvel flick (though, by Fox), which is Deadpool 2. Now, you must be wondering why Deadpool 2, since its already been released, way before, this year?

So, the answer is the uncut version. Yes, director David Leitch had already announced that there was an extended cut of the film but to witness it in the Comic Con itself, will be something new! Normally the extended or uncut version of a film gets a home release, but Deadpool 2 is different.

There will be a screening of Deadpool 2 uncut, at 10pm in San Diego, on a planned date.

Other big reveals include the most awaited ones from Warner Bros., which are Wonder Woman 1984, Aquaman, Shazam and Godzilla 2.


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