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In a televised address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his new year eve speech thanked the people of country for their cooperation in demonetisation which was launched on November 8. In his address, he announced several schemes for farmers, senior citizens, pregnant women, the poor, home buyers and MSMe sector.

Here are the 10 key takeaways from his speech :-

  1. In the new year, It is the right time for all politicians (all parties) to rise above politics and ensure transparency, they need to work towards purifying corruption in election funding.

“The social and economic evils, we thought they have become part of our lives. But after Diwali, every household, every citizen stood up with patience to fight against the evil. Everyone took hardship upon themselves to fight against the evil, the manner in which 125 crore Indians acted proves that the nation is determined to fight against the evils of the system” PM said.

2.In 2017, the number of houses being built for the poor, under the Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana is being notched up by 33 percent. Adding that, in rural regions, loans upto Rs 9 lakh would be granted at 4 per cent discount, whereas, loans of Rs 12 lakh will get 3 per cent discount in homes constructed for poor in urban regions.

3. Pregnant woman would be given Rs 6,000 for medical expenses and maternal care in 650 districts. In the initial period, only Rs 4,000 would be provided and the scheme would be implemented in a form of a pilot project in 53 districts.

4) For senior citizens deposits of up to Rs 7.5 lakh for 10 years will be capped at 8 per cent, so that lower deposit rates don’t hurt.

5) The Government would bear the cost of interest for past 60 days on farm loans, which farmers taken from District Cooperative Central Bank and Primary Society Banks for Rabi production. Some people are spreading misinformation that the agricultural sector has been doomed. They should know that the Rabi production has increased by 6 per cent this year.

Addressing the nation in the New Year eve, PM Modi says that he is overwhelmed by people’s support. Photo Cortesy:- (PTI)

6) In the next few months, three crore kisan credit card will be converted into RuPay card. The problem with Kissan credit card is that they had to go till bank to withdraw money from this card, but now farmers won’t need to rush to banks for withdrawals for purchase. For any transaction in anywhere he can easily use Rupay cards.

“For e-transactions, I urge the farmers, Dalits and women to use the e-wallet app BHIM”. It is a Swadeshi platform for digital transactions, named after our great leader Dr Bhim Rao Babasaheb Ambedkar.

7) Last month, NABARD created a fund of Rs 21,000 crore, now Central Government is adding more 20,000 crore rupees into this fund. Government would carry the loss that NABARD suffered by giving loans to coop banks and primary society banks at low interest.

8) The amount of credit guarantee has been increased for Micro small business and Medium Enterprises. Credit guarantee to be raised from current Rs 1 crore to Rs 2 crore.

9)Starting tomorrow, the daily limit on ATM withdrawals will go up to Rs. 4,500 rupees from Rs. 2,500, but the RBI had announced a day before the PM’s address the weekly cap on withdrawals from bank accounts stays capped at Rs. 24,000 rupees.

10) Only 24 lakh people in the country have declared their salary above Rs 10 lakh under the Income tax, PM Modi said, further adding that this government is striving hard to crackdown the dishonest who are hiding their money.

Prime Minister said that Mahatma Gandhi should remain an inspiration for the nation to fight against the menace of black money, the principle of dishonesty, corruption and other evils of the society. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure justice to the honest man.

“Nation has exhibited such extraordinary patriotism on all occasions. We showed it during the ’62 war, ’71 war. Every household has exhibited patriotism.”


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