A doctor was caught selling marijuana infused chocolates. Doctor Mohd. Sheath Ali Khan was caught by the Rachakonda police Pahadisharieff. The doctor had completed his MBBs from a private college and was working in Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences in the neurology department when he learnt about depressants and other medicines.

This sparked an interest in him and he later quit his job in 2014 and got into making marijuana infused chocolates. He grinned marijuana and mixed it with cocoa powder, ghee, oil and other ingredients. The rates would go up according to the amount of marijuana infused in the chocolate. Later he went on to make a brave yet stupid move of starting an Instagram page for these chocolates. Customers were mainly from Delhi, Chennai, Goa and various other cities.

Doctor sells marijuana infused chocolates to customers.
source: statnews.com

The doctor would name his chocolates “X”,”XX”,etc. based on the composition of marijuana in the chocolates. Rachakonda Special Operations Team (SOT) Inspector G. Naveen Kumar said that the accused had his sources from Dhoolpet. Enquiries came to him from all parts if the country. The Special Operations Team caught him and filed a case under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.


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