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Like any bride-to-be,  Philippa Charlotte “Pippa” Middleton,the younger sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge,is pulling out all the stops to ensure she looks her best on her big day.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister will marry financier James Matthews on May 20 with the reception taking place back at the Middleton family home just a few miles away in Bucklebury.

Middleton,whose wedding is coming up in two months,has a fit frame, is reportedly on a diet called the Sirtfood regimen.

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But experts caution against going on any kind of ‘wedding’ diet, and are urging people to avoid these fads altogether.

Holistic nutritionist Sridevi Jasti says that 1,000 calories and anything less than that is quite dangerous for one’s health. “1,000 calories a day is not sufficient; and the ingredients of this particular diet are definitely not good. People should be healthy enough to enjoy their wedding and also be able to deal with the stress that comes with it. The Sirtfood Diet (like most other diet fads) will make your body’s medium acidic, leading to different body pains and lethargy,” says Sridevi.,

Though fad diets promise quick results, the effects on the body are far too damaging. Most fad diets advocate the intake of less calories per day to control one’s weight. But Sridevi says, “A minimum of 1,200 calories a day from clean and wholesome food is a basic necessity, which again depends on your height. Not having this will lead to metabolic disorders, thyroid and other nutritional imbalances.”

“It’s unhealthy and unsafe to eat below 1,200 calories a day,” according to registered Dietician,Brigitte Zeitlin.

However it’s the latest diet craze everyone’s talking about, a diet rich in ‘Sirtfoods’.

According to researchers, these special foods work by activating specific proteins in the body called sirtuins.  Sirtuins are believed to protect cells in the body from dying when they are under stress and are thought to regulate inflammation, metabolism and the aging process.

Researchers also believe sirtuins influence the body’s ability to burn fat and boost metabolism, resulting in a seven pound weight loss a week while maintaining muscle.

The diet is a two phase approach; the initial phase lasts one week and involves restricting calories to 1000kcal for three days consuming three sirtfood green juices and one meal a day that is rich in sirtfoods.

The juices include kale, celery, rocket, parsley, green tea and lemon and meals include turkey escalope with sage, capers and parsley, chicken and kale curry and prawn stir fry with buckwheat noodles.  From days four to seven, intakes are increased to 1500kcal comprising of two sirtfood green juices and two sirtfood-rich meals a day.

The second phase is known as the maintenance phase which lasts 14 days where steady weight loss occurs.  The authors believe it’s a sustainable and realistic way to lose weight. However, focusing on weight loss is not what the diet is all about,it’s designed to be about eating the best foods nature has to offer.

Long term they recommend eating three balanced sirtfood rich meals a day along with one sirtfood green juice.

“At first glance, this is not a diet I would advise for my clients.  Aiming to have 1000kcal for three consecutive days is extremely difficult and I believe the majority of people would be unable to achieve it”, says Dietician Emer Delaney.

“In terms of weight loss and boosting metabolism, people may have experienced a seven pound weight loss on the scales, but in my experience this will be fluid.  Burning and losing fat takes time so it is extremely unlikely this weight loss is a loss of fat.  I would be very cautious of any diet that recommends fast and sudden weight loss as this simply isn’t achievable and will more than likely be a loss of fluid.

As soon as people return to their regular eating habits, they will regain the weight.  Slow and steady weight loss is the key and for this we need to restrict calories and increase our activity levels.  Eating balanced regular meals made up of low GI foods, lean protein, fruit and vegetables and keeping well hydrated is the safest way to lose weight,”she said.

Please note it is always advisable to first  please consult your GP ,if you’re considering attempting any form of diet, to ensure you can do so without risk to health.

While new diets crop up every second day, the General Motors (GM) diet plan, that focuses on limiting the weekly diet to fruits, vegetables, brown rice, and chicken, is very popular.

Karen Campos Bhatia, nutritionist, exercise physiologist and lifestyle consultant further adds, “In India, the GM diet is very popular before special occasions or people simply run off to wellness retreats where they are starved and put on liquids and very limited food, all of which are very bad for you.

So how can one get into shape in a healthy way within two or three months? Says Karen, “You can lose eight-12 kgs of weight in three months healthily through balanced eating and moderate exercise based on your lifestyle.

Weight loss is about your mind too,people who get caught up with fad diets don’t address their primary issues as to why they are overweight, in which case it all comes back with a vengeance.”


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