We live in the 21st century and living our lifestyle according to modern life. Boys and girls roaming around in public at some level are now accepted but still few of the people have a problem with couples. I mean what is people problem with what other people do whether in public or in four walls. Well, with time things are changing but few traditional thinking can’t be changed and there is no point in discussing it.

However, to all those people having a problem with the lovers meeting each other, the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in Coimbatore has a great solution. The university has asked Botanical Garden’s security to stop unmarried couples from entering the park. However, married couples with children will be allowed inside.

“Fed-up with the couples using the park as their hiding and recreation area, the university has come up with this rule. We initially tried to put up rules and regulations such as seeking their ID proofs and asking details such as phone numbers. Despite all that, couples continued to behave inappropriately causing a lot of discomfort to other visitors. Students and families have also complained many times.” said M Kannan, the professor and head of the floriculture department at the TNAU.

A student studying IAS said, “Restricting entry into a public place is completely illegal, the security guard told me that even if I was married I would not be allowed inside. Only couples with children were allowed. This is ridiculous. I had once gone with a male friend at 8 am on a Saturday morning. We both wanted to ideate for our new venture. But again, we have turned away. Even though I was with a male partner.”

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