A man, posing as a doctor was arrested at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, (AIIMS) on Friday.

The man identified as Ritaj Tripathi, claims to be a yoga graduate from the Moraji Desai National Institue of Yoga. He was nabbed in the emergency department of AIIMS and was found to be checking patients, with a stethoscope around his neck.

He was trying to admit patients to the emergency ward.  According to a statement by the institute, the man seems to be running an illegal business by making money from the patients.

The security at the hospital has filed a complaint with the Delhi Police.

Tripathi, who has been charged for cheating by impersonation, had introduced himself as a doctor in many instances. He used to get people admitted to the various departments at AIIMS.

He also said that he had come to AIIMS two years back. Upon a friend’s suggestion, he began to wear a stethoscope around his neck to gain quick consultation.

“I have got many people treated in departments like orthopedics, surgery, and ENT. I am not a doctor,” wrote Tripathi in his statement.


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