Lay it on the line or calling a spade a spade is not allowed here. No matter you are living in a democratic world or living in the 21st century but speaking your mind is not for you.

On behalf of the masses who express their views on the controversial and derogatory issues, actress Parvathy is getting threats to speak out her thoughts, her views. The ‘Qarib Qarib Singlle’ actress has to file an FIR against online trolls but for what. For expressing her views about a dialogue from Malayalam actor Mammootty’s film ‘Kasaba’.

The dialogue was:


“I will f**k you (his woman superior) so hard that you’d find it extremely difficult to walk. I will hurt you so badly that your menstrual cycle would go for a toss.”

Why is she getting trolled? 

Her only mistake was she raised her voice against this disgusting dialogue from Mammootty’s film and her views didn’t go well down with the fans of Mammootty.

Parvathy stated that the cringe-worthy and misogynistic dialogue from superstar’s mouth was a derogatory remark on women.


“I, unfortunately, watched Kasaba. With all due respects to the technicians who worked in the film. I was definitely disappointed to watch an actor (Mammootty) par excellence, happen to say dialogues to a woman in a scene which was not only derogatory but most saddening.”

For her views, she has been started getting trolled on social media and for which, she had to report. After lodging an FIR, she spoke to NDTV:


“This is now much bigger than me. It’s not about me only. It’s about how women are treated when they respectfully put forward a different opinion. We’ve been silenced for years. I have been in this industry for eleven years and I must thank the fans for their support.” 

The cops reacted to the FIR and arrested one person for cyberbullying. 


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