The trend of getting inked or tattooed has made everyone crazy for it especially youngsters. There is hardly any youngster who doesn’t want to ink a part of his/her body.  It’s an engrained commitment which will last forever(exceptions are there) on the skin. For following the passion of getting tattoo, many people push themselves to the limit and this is made possible by The Tattoo Artist.

For few days, internet is going crazy over a young man who got his eyeballs inked. Yes, it’s a truth. Eyeballs Inked or Eyeballs Tattooed. He inked the most sensitive external organ of his body.

Let’s know about the person whose passion for tattoo has made him famous:

The Tattoo Artist:


Karan who hails from Delhi is a professional tattoo artist and a piercer.  He got his first tattoo at the age of only thirteen years. Now his passion for tattoo has made him world famous. “At the moment, I have uncountable tattoos and 22 piercings on me. Eventually, I will just have one tattoo: head to finger and toe tips,” Karan told to NDTV.

Now The Tattoo Artist has his eyeballs tattooed: 


With his spirit and courage, he has done something extremely difficult and became the first Indian to get his eyeballs tattooed.

About the expenses of getting eyeballs tattooed, The Tattoo Artist Says:


An Australian tattoo artist is the inventer of eyeball tattooing. Getting Eyeballs Tattooed costs lakh of rupees.

The Tattoo Artist’s reaction on getting positive response:


Karan told to NDTV, “I was expecting the opposite, considering the unconventional, unique appearance. Still, I have been lucky enough to receive love.”

An advice of The Tattoo Artist:

Karan wants everyone to get the full details about the person and his work who is going to tattoo you to avoid the mishap.


Karan being an artist of inking tattoo, wishes to ink a tattoo on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Isn’t wow!

So, What do you think about his passion?


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