Warner Bros’s Justice League has finally managed to cross another feat on the worldwide box-office by going past the mark of $400 million. On its second Friday, the film earned a good $16.5 million, and adding to its overall cum, the total collections have now reached to over $400 million.

When splitting up the total gross, Justice League is a bit slow on domestic collections in the US, where it has so far taken in around $147 million. But on the other hand the overseas markets have been a big boost for the DC superhero extravaganza, resulting in a solid $244 million (and adding to it, a bit more earnings from Saturday).

Still, it’s domestic cum is even less than the last year’s DC’s BvS: Dawn of Justice’s opening weekend collection of $166 million!

The big sigh of relief for JL is that, it’s gone past its overall production cost of around $300 million.

The overall collections for Justice League are still far-far away from what was gulped in by Thor: Ragnarok, after its release. So it will be crucial to see how far can the DCEU’s assembled team flick can go.


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