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December 1, 2020


Not every child is as lucky as these businessman kids. They born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They are the heirs of their empires but they have their own identity. They inspite of being rich, work hard and use their intelligence and now have the name of their own. In this row, today let's know about the rich...
YouTube, an American California based company is a video sharing website and you also better know about it. Now it has become a platform to reach the height of stardom. Unlike before, when only films were the means to entertain the audience but now people are getting famous and are getting name & fame through posting their videos on...
Even the Wonder Woman has to make tough decisions when it comes to managing her life with family and profession. Yes, it’s about the newest superhero female icon-Gal Gadot. The epic movie which toppled all box-office benchmarks and created a new history, has impacted every woman, in particular, to find ways of liberation from on-going limitations. Recently, during an interaction...
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