Thanos snapping his fingers in Infinity War. Image Source:

Another good news has come for the MCU fans (after the recent leak of Avengers 4’s official title), and this is regarding the biggest movie of 2018, Avengers: Infinity War. New rumors, but strong ones, have surfaced just recently, hinting towards an ‘extended cut’ of the movie’s villain-also MCU’s greatest villain now-Thanos’s backstory. So, its possible that the Infinity War may be released as an extended cut, this August itself-or later, if Marvel Studios wants a limited release!

All this comes after the recent panel at Las Vegas Comic Con in which Collider’s Jon Schnepp talked with Marvel supervillain Thanos’s ceator, Jim Starlin. And Starlin revealed that there was an official extra 30 minutes footage of Thanos’s backstory (along with other scenes too) which was cut from the theatrical cut of the film. But the comicbook writer didn’t mention that when and how the extra cut will get released.

He said that he wasn’t directly involved with the Infinity War’s making, so he doesn’t know if the makers will want to have a re-release or special release of those 30 minutes extra footage.

Previously, the VFX supervisor of Infinity War, Matt Aitken, had also told about the extended cut of the film.

So, if all goes well, then we will be fortunate enough to see a full 3-hour cut of Avengers: Infinity War!


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