Too late but thankfully, now women can see equality in the society. She can see herself equal to the man in this man dominating society. Although, there is tremendous scope for women to step up as the position of women are still not satisfying and the difference is visible in the society.
Let’s see this matter with the different perspective. Women now can call herself strong, independent but men in the society have taken this equality in an another way and some of them have stopped being Gentleman. Being Gentleman here we mean their romantic and respectful gestures towards women. They think if they show some romantic gestures towards their lady then it can go opposite their being equal and these romantic gestures are being missed by modern girls.

So, let’s know about some sweet and romantic gestures that should make a comeback:

1. Show some Manners:


Showing manners make you gentleman. It goes a long way. If you say please and thank you, it makes you respected in the eyes of your lady. These romantic gestures make her fall in love for you more.

2. Offer to pay on the first date:


The first date is very important for every couple in love. To show some romantic gestures and your romantics side, the man should offer to pay the bill. The offering is a very polite gesture.

3. Don’t let technology to hinder your date:


Not only on the first date but also on every date, technology plays a hindrance part in the romantic hours. Every girl wants her man to stay away from technology while spending time with her. This romantic gesture of staying away from technology will win the heart of your girl.

4. Holding the door open for girls:


Girls love if their man open and hold the gates of cars, restaurants etc. Girls don’t want you to rush and open the gate for her but they want to hold the open gate for them.

5.That romantic dance:


The one of the most romantic gesture to show one’s feeling is dance. Dance get two people more closure. In earlier times, men invite their lady love on dancing but now it is missing. Although, we can see the couple dancing in the club on the loud and noisy music and it doesn’t show any calmness and romantic peace.

6. Flowers:


The best and the most romantic gesture to express love is The Flowers. Flowers are classic and it can bring an instant smile to every girl’s face. Giving flowers can never go unnoticed but it’s hardly seen these days.

7. Handmade gifts:


Lovers used to gift each other handmade gifts. A girl will love if she gets a handmade gift from her lover. Instead of gifting her expensive jewellery, once try to gift her something made with your hands. This romantic gesture will definitely show how much you love her.

8. Love letters:


An old romantic gesture of writing feelings on the paper can work like a magic. Give a try and trust me, it will work. In place of texting, snapping and Tinder messaging, try showing your feelings on the colorful paper.

I know modern girls have been missing all these Romantic Gestures and want these to make comeback in their lives.


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