Every century sees an advancement in defence systems across the globe. With increasing violence, cross-border terrorisms, anti-national activities and several such fourth generation warfares, a country is forced to develop new defence mechanisms then and there. The new-generation ventures in India are all set to come to the aid of the countries around the world.

  1. ideaForge
    Credit: ideaforge.co.in

    ideaForge, founded by IIT-B alumni, back in 2007 is one among the ventures that help defence in the country. It’s first customer was Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). Following this, they closed the deals with paramilitary and military units. They provide the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Now, ideaForge’s gear is in use to track floods, militancy, anti-Naxal operations and several other missions of DRDO. Ankit Mehta, Rahul Singh and Ashish Bhat, co-founders of this venture work with an intention to build a world-class defence business from India and also expect to have an annual revenue of $100-120 million in the next few years.

  2. VizExperts
    Credits: vizexperts.com

    Praveen Bhaniramka, founder of VizExpert, finds the possibilities of innovation limitless. VizExperts is a provider of geographic information systems. The famous product of this firm includes, GeorbIS, which now finds its use in the National Security Guard (NSG) and Border Security Force (BSF). GeorbIS deploys a combination of geographic information system (GIS), including gaming and simulation to devise solutions for the needs of Indian defence forces. Bhaniramka claims the revenue will further increase from Rs. 23 crore to Rs. 40, crore this year.

  3. Axio Biosolutions
    Credits: axiobio.com

    Axio Biosolutions is a provider of hemostats that control bleeding. This company, backed by Accel Partners and IDG Ventures, benefits as there are less than five providers of hemostats to the defence forces. Unlike other providers, whose products costs around Rs 13,000-14,000 per pack, Axio provides the same for Rs. 2000. The need for hemostats was always felt by the force during several anti-Naxal operations. Leo Mavely, co-founder and his team have progressed a lot over the past years and have deals with the BSF and also the Indo-Tibetan Border Police.

  4. Omnipresent Robotics
    Credits: omnipresenttech.com

    Omnipresent Robotics is a developer of UAVs, drones and robots. Founded by Aakash Sinha, who had worked for the US defence for nearly eight years, started Omnipresent in India. His first project was building ‘Angad’ to sense bombs and also to defuse them. The project, is at present under military trials with DRDO. Omnipresent already has a couple of dozen UAVs deployed and hopes to sell at least 35 to 40 of them annually.

  5. Tonbo Imaging
    Credits: tomboimaging.com

    Tonbo Imaging, the Bengaluru-based provider of imaging and sensor systems works with a vision to advance the defence sytem in the world. The firm, for the first four years survived with zero revenue as its founders were keen on building products. After 2003, within a year, the revenue doubled to $ 3 million. By the end of 2016, the company backed by Artiman Ventures, earns $20-25 million. It proudly proclaimed its $100 million deal with Peruvian army to manufacture and export night vision sights. Tonbo, not only overthrow the existing night vision goggles provider, but also offered the product for Rs 14 lakh, against Rs 23 lakh of the previous state-run firm.

There are still more new firms that are joining hands with the Indian defence forces, making the country proud and sufficient enough to rely on its own defence systems. These firms have also improved the business across the country. With, ‘Make in India’ flying high, these new ventures are warmly welcomed by the people of the sub-continent.


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