Bill Skarsgard, the iconic Pennywise in IT

Andy Muschietti’s epic directorial and Warner Bros’s monstrous hit, IT is now the biggest R-rated horror film in the last 30 years. The Bill Skarsgard starrer has now grossed $308 million domestically, in North American alone. This figure is still without adjusting inflation which puts it behind only two of the old horror blockbusters, The Exorcist ($232 million; $956 million after adjusting inflation) and Fatal Attraction ($156 million; $352 million after adjusting inflation).

But if you just consider the figures without taking in the inflation, then ‘IT’ is the biggest R-rated box-office horror flick with $308 million. The worldwide total for ‘IT’, has now reached to around $607 million.

So, yes the Stephen King adaptation is now in an elite club of classic scary hits and on some grounds, it’s already way ahead of some of the recent and past R-rated movies.

‘IT’ has now become the third R-rated film domestically, to cross the mark of $300 million after 2016’s Deadpool and 2004’s The Passion of the Christ. And also, it is now the 6th R-rated flick to go past $600 million, after The Passion of the Christ, Logan, The Matrix Reloaded, Wolf Warrior 2 and Deadpool.

‘IT’ is still running successfully in theatres worldwide.


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