Mission: Impossible-Fallout, the sixth film in the fantastic franchise of Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt, debuted with the franchise best, $155.83 million globally, releasing on Friday, that is, 27th July, 2018. Not only this, the film made the record of the highest opening debut in the MI series history by making $61.23 million on the domestic box-office of North America alone. Internationally also, it made a brilliant $94.6 million.

Distributed by Paramount Pictures/Viacom Inc., the film is again directed by Christopher McQuarrie who also made the last MI movie in 2015, Rouge Nation (which was also a blockbuster, among both critics and audiences).

MI: 6 broke the 16 year long domestic record of Mission Impossible II, which made around $58 million during its release, that time, in its opening week.

Fallout stars the evergreen Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt along with new addition, actor Henry Cavill, and other regular actors like Rebecaa Ferguson, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg.


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