“Foodie Will Go Crazy”

What does foodie panda want? Only Food, food and food. And when it comes for free then might be they will die with happiness!

Yes, you have read it right! End your new year with a delicious note because parantha eating competition is going to be held soon. Already excited to participate?

Tapasya Parantha Junction on the Delhi-Rohtak will organize this yummiest competition and not only this but will give bumper gifts!

What Will You Get?


Tapasya Parantha Junction on the Delhi-Rohtak bypass is not just offering Rs 1 Lakh winning amount but also free paranthas for a lifetime!

What You Have To Do?


You only have to eat three paranthas. Sounds easy? but wait……….You need to eat three paranthas weighing 2 kg each in 50 minutes.

What, If You Fail?


If you fail to achieve the test then you have to pay for the paranthas consumed by you. With each parantha costing Rs 400, you may have to give burden to your pocket and pay Rs 1,200, but depending on how much you have consumed.

So, do you have a foodie inside you? Be ready for the challenge!


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