I know, the headline already shocked you. This won’t be true! No one can make love with a dead body! No woman can be got pregnant by a dead body! This article is probably for fooling you!
But, guys this is cent percent true and this is not for fooling you. A woman made love with a dead body and got pregnant.
Later, that woman got arrested by the cops and as per the news, she will be sent behind the bars for breaking the rules of the morgue. But what will happen to the woman is the secondary question. The first thing to know is – Why did she made love with A Dead Body? What made her to get intimate with A Dead Body?

Let’s know the answers of all the questions raising their head in our mind:

Name of the woman: Jennifer Burrows
What does she do: She is working in a morgue.
What happened exactly: On a day, when Burrows was on her duty of autopsying a man who was 54 years old and died in a car accident. Burrows was doing her job of cleaning the dead body. But what she found, couldn’t believes her eyes. She saw the dead man had an erection. Seeing the erection, she couldn’t control herself and had sex with the dead body for a very long time untill the dead body ejaculated.
Result of having sex with a dead body: When Burrows checked to confirm her pregnancy which she doubted after a week, she found herself pregnant by a dead body. Her pregnancy shocked everyone including the management of the hospital. The hospital lodged a complaint against Burrows for breaking the rules of their hospital. Also she was charged a huge amount for getting intimate with a Dead Body.

This is highly shocking as how can a dead man ejaculated! 


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