New Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus. Image Source:

Royal Enfield, the top rated motorcycle manufacturing company known for producing some of the best motorbikes for its customers over the years, has come up with another new model-which is actually not entirely new!

Confused? Well, the confusion will get cleared soon. Read further to know about it.

The new Classic 500 Pegasus has been launched in India, by Royal Enfield just a day ago, on May 30th, which is a tribute and homage to the actual, same bike named, Royal Enfield WD 125, which was used during the World War II era. The actual bike was a two-stroke motorcycle and was known as ‘Flying Flea’, due to its vast popularity and super performance.

The vintage motorcycle, WD 125 was manufactured in company’s underground facility in Westwood, UK. The bike was used by British troopers during the war time.

The bike was used for carrying soldiers into the war, and also by the newly formed Parachute Regiment. The classic bike was dropped by parachute, being kept in a protective steel cradle.

But, when it comes to the new Pegasus, the latest model has the same vibe just like the old one and it too comes with no modifications in its mechanism too! That means that it’s got no tubeless tyres, no ABS and no other changes too.

The actual, old Royal Enfield/WD 125, that has inspired the new classic 500 Pegasus. Image Source:

Well, before you hurry up for buying the new classic 500 Pegasus model, there are some key things that you should know.

The new version is a limited edition model of the old RE Classic 500, and the company will be making only 1000 models in total, out of which only 250 will be available for sale in India while the rest of the models will be sold in UK, Australia and the US.

Every new Pegasus model will be having authentic markings of military motorcycles, including brown handlebar grips, a leather strap with a brass buckle across the air filter, blacked out silencers, rims, kickstart lever, pedals and headlight bezel. There will be a Pegasus emblem too, on each model.

As almost everything remains the same, so its obvious that there won’t be anything re-built in the ‘body’ too.

The new Classic 500 Pegasus , has the same 499 cc air-cooled , single cylinder engine which makes 27.2 bhp of power @5,250 rpm and 41.3 Nm of torque @4000 rpm. The new bike has the weight of around 194 kg.

The new Pegasus edition will be available in two colour variants, Service Brown and Olive Drab Green. Though, in India, only one variant, that is, Service Brown will be made available. Each bike will be having the serial number being stencilled on the fuel tank-just like the old one-carrying the numbers of regiments they represented.

The new models will have stencilled serial numbers. Image Source:

Well, now let’s come to the pricing which is very crucial to look at. As you know it’s a Royal Enfield bike and that too, a limited edition one which is also inspired from the vintage classic bike, its inevitable that the price will be towards a high scale.

The new classic 500 Pegasus has been launched in India with a price tag of Rs.2.49 lakh. But there’s one more thing regarding the bike which is, that you will have to shell out extra Rs.30,000 for the new limited edition model if you want to have new stickers to put on the bike! Which ultimately means that total goes upto Rs.2.79 lakh.


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