Arvind Kejriwal and his party Aam Admi Party’s electoral success and subsequent popularity was an uncommon thing to India. From a hunger strike to making a party to become CM, Arvind Kejriwal made his place in politics so fast that could be so influential that it would lead to more than half dozen AAP parties in Pakistan.

Yes, you read it right AAP of India inspired many people in Pakistan and they end up in launching their own AAP.

Here Are Six AAP In Pakistan Inspired By India’s AAP:

1. Human rights activist from Gujranwala named Arslan Ul Mulk leads one AAP in Pakistan. The party’s name was Pakistan Mujhahir League before it turned AAP. One more coincidence is their protest method is hunger strikes!
2. Another Aam Admi Party led by Adnan Haider Randhawa in Islamabad. Randhawa is a human rights activist and lawyer by profession. They run their party with the objective to strive for national reformation by replacing corrupt officials.
3. Mian Ghulam Rasool leads one Aam Aadmi Party in Pakistan. He is an advocate at the Islamabad High Court, and the ideology of his party is a new vision, new minds, prosperity, and justice.
4. The one more AAP party i.e., Aam Insan Movement which was commenced by Rana Moeen Akhtar.
5. As per the election poll panel’s website, there are many other AAP which are Aam Pakistani Ittihad Party led by Sajid Iqbal, Aam Pakistani Party led by Syed Safdar Rizvi in Karachi, Aap Janab Sarkar Party in Lahore launched by Dr Amber Shahzada and All-Pakistan Aam Aadmi Party as well, in Rawalpindi which is led by Nasir Mehmood.

Isn’t it interesting!


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