A still from Dennis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049

Dennis Villeneuve has proven to be the most classic, majestic and master film maker, after this month’s Blade Runner 2049. But do you know, he has always been that great? Yes. And that’s the reason for you to really get a taste of his craft and innovative style of movie making and exceptional direction, before you eventually get to see the greatest ever visual spectacle, Blade Runner 2049-again, directed by Villeneuve.

Since Villeneuve is an ‘atmospherist’ because of his love for the visual presentation of all his cinematic works, it’s necessary to have a detailed view of how he makes his imaginations come true.

Here are the Top 5 Dennis Villeneuve movies you have to watch, before Blade Runner 2049:

#1 Arrival (2016)

#2 Incendies (2010)

#3 Sicario (2015)

#4 Prisoners (2013)

#5 Enemy (2013)


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