Salman Khan arrived at Jodhpur in a chartered flight and is accompanied by his sister and few advocates. The arguments on the case against him for alleged use and possession of firearms with expired license was completed on January 9th. The order has been reserved for today January 18th. Him and his sister Alveera went to the hotel as soon after landing in Jodhpur. It is said that the forest department is framing Salman Khan with false evidences. The defense argued on this very strongly, but the prosecution was strong in giving statements that Salman Khan did use firearms that had expired license. Today the verdict will be out and the nation will know the truth to this case. The prosecution counsel Bhawani Singh Bhati said that the arguments were all over and the order has been reserved for today.

Salman Khan has been filed against four cases so far.

A case had also been filed under Sections 3/25 and 3/27 against Khan in October 1998 where Khan was alleged to using a .22 rifle and a .32 revolver  for the poaching of two black bucks in Kankani village in Jodhpur. A total of four cases have been filed against Khan. so far, he has been acquitted by the high court in two cases of poaching and the third case is in its final stages. The maximum sentence for section 3/25 is 3 years and for section 3/27 is 7 years.

Animal activists protested against Salman Khan for these acquisitions. The Bishnoi Community who is known for their  love of Wild Animals had burnt posters of the actor. Many have said that a person’s status or career should not determine the punishment given to him. The wrong doers must be punished.


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