New Year Verison 2018 has arrived!

You must be getting a little curious, by the title that I gave this new year’s arrival. Well, that’s been justified. Want to know how? I mean, how can you define the welcome of an era which cannot be anything, but techno-geeky cyber-world! And the trend has continued since the last three-four years with each one being remembered for some kind of an innovative happening, right? Of course, you won’t argue against this fact.

Each time a new year comes at our doorstep, we definitely make one or two, or three oath-kind of promises to ourselves (this may go to infinity at times), better known as ‘resolution’, in our communicable language.

But we never ever make it happen-do we? Has anyone ever done that? Well in that case, I would just say, “Oh boy!”

Keeping funny elements apart, the most significant thing to take out of every year that goes by, is to retain an original ‘you’-inside yourself. Without doing much changes, to that version of yours which only resembles ‘your actual personality’, just improvise it, for coming-up as a ‘new version’ of yourself-without having that original ‘you’, being scattered, in anyway.

And trust me, that’s the most ideal thing to do, and to have, for yourself!

This new year will surely give us some more excuses to let ourselves be stuck with our ‘resolution-tradition’ and the ‘Yes, I will definitely won’t do that’ tradition and in the process be like an idle, sitting with both hands crossed-up on the knees and thinking, “What will I do now? Make some more resolutions for the next year?”

These kind of individuals never learn how to utilize the time and at the same time, enjoying each tiny, little moment that comes by. Not their fault as, it might be their own philosophical way-if there’s any.

By not going deeper and down on this, getting back just on the individual part, I would just say that possibilities are never like a dish to be served without any movement. They need to be carved out from nowhere, and then things that appear, are no less than awesome.

On the official start of this year version, wish you all a great day ahead. As it’s just going to be an upgraded version, so I won’t say a very happy new year. Have a great day, instead.

(My own thoughts, albeit).


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