International SOS and Control Risks, same as previous year have unveiled the list of world’s tourist friendly countries; it has released a map that shows where you are safe in 2018.
If you people are planning a vacation in coming year then see this map first because nothing is more important than having a good health.
The Interactive “Travel Risk Map” after gathering data and information from the World Health Organization and other institutions disclosed how countries are regarding road safety, security and medical matters.
However, as per the Ipsos Mori Business Resilience Trends Watch 2018, “63% of people think travel-related risks have increased during the past year. In the paper, security threats and natural disasters were cited as main reasons for changed travel plans.”

So beware and travel carefully! These places are not at all good for you health in 2018:

 #From security point of view this countries are dangerous:

#And, the number of road accidents are high in these countries

Finland, Norway and Iceland are the best options to head to if you want a trouble-free holiday. Let us know what you think about your next holiday in the comment below!



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