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Beer Never Let Us Down And These 10 Facts Are The Proof

“Instead of water, we got here a draught of beer…a lumberer’s drink, which would acclimate and naturalize a man at once—which would make him see green, and, if he slept, the...

Holy Shit! Smelling Fart Is Actually Good For You

Everybody farts and it's a fact. It's a bodily function and an average human being farts 14 days a day. It just a bodily function but we all hate it. Sometimes,...

History Of Halloween: The Visit Of Spirits Of Dead To The Town

Halloween or Hallowe'en which is also known as Allhalloween or All Hallows' Eve or All Saints' Eve is an annual celebration highly celebrated in a number of countries on 31 October,...

10 Unknown Yet Must To Know Facts About Planet Earth

We live on only life-supporting planet Earth. We are residential of Earth, so think that we have all the information about the planet but do we really? Though we aren't wrong as...

2016’s 25 scintillating science facts

As 2016 comes to its end, its time to look back about scintillating science facts discovered this year. About a score of them went on to become more popular, and here...
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