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At times, you are left like a lost creature and think that the world is a bad place to live in. This is the most obvious thing that every person on this planet goes through and it’s also important to know how you can deal with it and in what manner you can do your best by improvising your thought process.

What’s the most common idea that you get when you feel extreme negativity inside for the very first time? Of course, existential crisis, being influenced by others’ reactions and opinion about you, and weird philosophical thoughts-which are mostly illogical, but you may think otherwise. This is the moment when you need yourself to contain and hold your own in the most dire situation too!

You have to realise that, firstly you are an individual who has’t got his/her origin from others-except your own parents. So, does it really matter to your personality that it goes by how the rest drive it like, as per their choice? Ultimately not, right?

You are aptly an idiot if you are still thinking the other way-the negative one, because after all, you are a social being! Such a big fool you are then.

You must remain indifferent to those things which are directed towards making you changed in a way that’s not right for you-and you should use your own conscience for this. You can at least have yourself convinced that you don’t depend on others’ eyes for seeing what goes around! You have what it takes to be what you are and remain what you ought to be.

That way, the mortal life of yours, being a human, will be more worthy to spend, till you see the last sunset.


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