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August 26, 2020


Yoga has been practicing in India since ancient times. It is mentioned in Rigveda also. Later, it is adopted in West world too. And now after Yoga, a new term 'Hot Yoga' has become very famous and it is highly adopted by people who are the fitness freak. But, for the people who are beginners or planning to join...
Girls get confused when they see alot of suggestions, hacks and tips to look good. Everytime when they take help from internet, it make them more confuse by suggesting different kind of beauty hacks. In the end, they don't take any of the suggestions and follow any random tips. But, today we are going to tell you about some simple,...
Saree, an Indian traditional attire of women. It is said that a woman looks ultra gorgeous when she wears a Saree. So there is hardly any woman or girl in the nation who doesn't own even a single Saree. If we particularly talk about our grandmothers and mothers, we see a huge collection of saree in their wardrobe. Some sarees...
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