Japan is a country where people value time, love to have cleanliness and are very disciplined. They live a very organized life. No other country in the world has such organized people. The people around this country have respect, discipline, and care for everyone.

They live by some strict rules and they are not lenient when it comes to their rules. So if you are planning on going to Japan then you must know these rules and make sure that you follow these rules sincerely.

Check out what are these weird rules.

1. No hugging and kissing in public


Hugging and kissing in public are considered as taboo in Japan.

2. No eating and drinking while walking


They are very particular when it comes to food etiquettes. They like to be organized so no eating and drinking while walking.

3. Slippers are important


Slippers are very important in this country. You are not allowed to wear outside shoes in anybody’s house and you can not wear your house slippers in the bathroom. There are separate slippers for these purposes.

4. No pointing fingers


They consider pointing a finger as bad manners. So if you want to show something then you should use all your fingers or palm.

5. No freaking out in public


You are not allowed to freak out in public because no one will even notice you or come for your help.

6. Chopstick etiquettes


There are two ways of placing chopsticks. You are supposed to place your chopsticks from east to west when you rest your chopsticks. And during funerals, you are supposed to place them west to east.

7. Yukata robe


Yukata robes must be worn left flap over right one. The other way is how the dead dresses in Japan.

8. No dustbins in public


You will not find any dustbins in public places. So you better carry a sack with you so that you can put your trash in it.

9. Time is important


Japanese are very punctual and they don’t like latecomers.

10. Never throw rice


If you have ordered rice in Japan then make sure that you finish it. You are not allowed to throw it away.

11. No tattoos


Japanese people don’t prefer to have tattoos on their bodies.

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