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OnePlus has achieved another feat and that is in Indian market! The company recorded more higher-end (flagship) phone sales than Samsung in Q2 in 2018 in the country. OnePlus registered a staggering 40% growth in flagship sales from April to June. Even Samsung’s S9 and S9+ couldn’t save the mobile phone giant from a big drop!

It’s the first time that OnePlus has ever made it to the top position in the Indian market, in terms of selling premium/flagship smartphone models.

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OnePlus definitely got the advantage of pricing its new phones in that limit which lured those consumers who wanted powerful performance but in their budget. And OnePlus delivered on that, whether it’s the OnePlus 5T or 6, both the phones were sold in high numbers across the country, due to their value-for-money factor.

While on the other hand, Samsung’s flagships cost more than what most of the consumers can afford-their higher-end phones are never available below Rs.60,000 or Rs.50,000!


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