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A new study published in PLOS One reveals that sitting for too long can risk your mind’s health and can change a part in the brain which is vital for memory. Many scientists have been studying the idleness of being inactive and just watching TV, or working on a desk, with the PC, or just sitting for too long at one place.

Recently, researchers studied about the activity of sitting inactive for too long, and studied the brain health of 35 persons, aging from 45 to 75 years old.

The participating people answered about their daily activities and the duration for walking, sitting and other related activities.

After this, high resolution MRI scans were performed to take a detailed look at every person’s medial temporal lobe, the area which helps us to form new memories.

And the researchers found that those people who reported to have spent more time sitting, had a thinner medial temporal lobe.

But its not being clearly proved right now that just sitting idle and lazy for a more longer duration can diminish our brain’s performance. So, a more better, continuous and deep research is still needed in this area.


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