Who doesn’t want to enjoy their life and travel around the world? Everyone wants it. We all do so much hardwork on a daily basis just so we can save some money and take a vacation. But what’s it like, once in a year? No matter how much we need or want we can’t manage to retract ourselves from our work and have some ME time.

But what if your job is your vacation? What if you work in a firm or under a boss who pays you for traveling around the world? Wouldn’t it be a dream come true thing? Wondering how? Well, there are certain jobs that are meant for travel lovers. And the best part is that you get paid for traveling.

So all those who actually want to do something fun and exciting can take a look in here.

1. Fashion Designer


Fashion designer sounds fun. But if you think that it is limited to only designing and fabrics then you are so wrong. After gaining enough experience you are called for photo shoots and fashion shows from all around the world.

2. Travel Guide

world tour

Becoming a travel guide is not that easy. But still, you get to travel to places you dream about. All you have to do is learn about your favorite places and you are good to go.

3. Photographer


Well, this sure is a challenging and fun job. But imagine yourself with a camera and capturing moments. Isn’t it dreamy? You just have to choose between wildlife or travel photography. If you get to be a photographer then your passport is going to be full of visa stamps and your wallet will be full of cash.

4. Translator

world tour

With the help of this, you can either be a travel guide or you can also work for MNC’s. They need translators at the time of international collaborations.

5. Work on a cruise


Well, cruise word itself stirs butterflies in the stomach. You can be a cruise attendant or probably the captain. When the ship lands at different destinations then you get to explore those cities. Wouldn’t it be fun?

6. Blogger


Traveling and blogging go hand in hand. You can be a food blogger or travel blogger or a fashion blogger. All you need to do is pack your bags and go for it and you wouldn’t even have to spend your own money.

7. Chef


You can be a chef and then you can travel all around the world to explore various cuisines. You can even land a job in a hotel or a ship or can even start your own hotel anywhere in the world.

8. Air Hostess

world tour

You get to travel, you get money and glamour is a must for this profession. What else do you need? You can explore beautiful destinations, earn loads of money and get to dress smartly.

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