Foods are responsible for growth, and maintenance of the body. They help the body to work but there are some foods that instead of benefitting the body, harms it. Poor quality of food that contains trans fats results in aging.
Eating foods that are described below leads to collagen of skin and skin being to appear aged. Also some foods result in increment of chances of deadly diseases in the body.

So, to stay young and look young, one should avoid eating these foods.

1. Caramel Color

It is artificial color 4-MEI and is responsible to give colors to cola, ice tea, root bear and is used in beer and whiskey, brown breads and chocolates. The artificial color or caramel color is the cause to inflammation and cancer. So, avoid foods having foods and beverages that contain caramel color.

2. Baked Foods

Baked items like pastry, biscuit, cake, rolls etc. are among your favourite foods buy guys next time before stopping to have any of these think twice as it increases the risk for developing heart disease and diabetes.

3. French Fries

Everyone’s favourite and best accompaniment of burger, sandwich are made by reusing hot oil again and again and this causes type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Due to this, aging can appear at younger age.

4. Processed Meat

Any meat product is processed if it is smoked, cured and salted i.e., hot dogs, cold cuts, sausages, bacons, pepperoni. Eating processed food increases the risk of death by 16 percent.

5. Canned Soup

Soup is always considered as a healthy choice except some that are packed with unhealthy ingredients. Sodium is contained in Canned soup and it results in dehydration. Some canned soup increases bad cholesterol and decreases good cholesterol in body.

6. Grilled Meat

Grilled veggies or meat are a healthy food as it is known but grilled foods are a staple at picnics, yet that black char left on the grill or on your burger can cause aging.

7. Caffeinated bevera


Caffeinated beverages contribute to dehydration and this is the cause of ageing for sure.

8. Fruit Smoothie

After work out or in morning, a glass of fruit smoothie is taken by many people as they think it is a healthy option. But these smoothies are loaded with sugar and ingestion of sugar leads to decrease in elasticity of the skin and skin starts looking dry.

9. Nightshade Vegetables

Potatoes, eggplants, gooseberries, peppers and tomatoes are called the member of flowering plants i.e , they belong to the Solanaceae family. Solanine chemical is found in these veggies and it is the reason of inflammation in many people that leads to Alzheimer, arthritis, acne, cardiovascular disease, endometriosis, and premature aging.

10. Agave Syrup

 Though Agave Syrup obtains from a blue agave plant but it is not at all healthy. It is a form of sugar(no matter sugar obtains from plant) and we know the result of excess consumption of sugar.

So, avoid having these foods to stay young for longer.


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