“Be The Love You Never Received”

We live in the 21st century where we can see many individuals craving for love, with a broken heart or some who are healing. In the era of hook up culture, it is hard to fall in love with a correct person with whom your soul matches. The life of love is bigger than we think and during all this process of loneliness, words are the only thing that is good for the mind.

As today I was scrolling down my Instagram account I found out the page of poet Rune Lazuli. While reading her creative and amazing work I literally fell in love with the simplicity of her thoughts which she expressed through words. Some of which I have mentioned below~

1. I do not wish to be light nor do I wish to be dark. I wish to bloom mercilessly in between.~Rune Lazuli

2. If you want to become fearless choose love.~Rune Lazuli

3. What the world needs is more people who love themselves. ~Rune Lazuli

4. If you want to see the truth you must be brave enough to look. ~Rune Lazuli

5. Pain is creation, love is transformation.~Rune Lazuli

6. Love me when I am rain, Hold me when I am fire.~Rune Lazuli

7. The best kind of lover, wants to love your chaos.~Rune Lazuli.

8. I am blooming from the wound where I once bled.~Rune Lazuli

9. When you move on, The universe moves with you.~Rune Lazuli

10. Freedom is remembering the one who broke your heart, and not feeling trapped.~Rune Lazuli

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