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Last month, the results of class 10th and 12th were announced-the very moment for which every school student wish and hope for, to come positively! And like always, there were toppers, brilliant scorers, and among them, were some who felt like there was an injustice happened to them. Why? Because, they didn’t get what they deserved.

A boy committed suicide and hung himself, because he missed the ‘only, but precious 9 marks’ in Physics, in 12th boards. Another student died because he scored less, on the whole, than his high preparations and hard studies.

One student from Kakrola area, who scored 59% in 12th boards, hanged himself. He was a student of Dwarka’s M.R. Vivekananda Model School. A girl, named Pragya Pandey, 15, from Vasant Kunj, was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her house, after her 10th result came out. She wanted to pursue Science but had scored 70% only, and so, gave up on her life.

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Another girl, from Dabri, committed suicide after failing in two subjects.

Concluding from the above incidents of failure and death, a trivial question arises-though it may matter to some who really want to understand it: What’s the ultimate goal of our lives?

The continuous suicides, every year, is a result of our pathetic education system-we teach learners, not students. Though, there are many reasons leading to these outcomes, each year, after the results, the main plot hole lies in the education itself and the way it’s been fed up to us, from being a child till we reach the maturity.

Most of the parents of those who committed suicide, told that it didn’t matter to them whether their children scored high or low, but that the only thing they wished for was the smile of their children, on every morning. See! That’s where the ‘hypocrisy and duality’ of thoughts and beliefs comes into play!

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On one hand the parents compare their children to others, and before the exams, they tell them to sacrifice each of their day to just focus and study everything so that they could be proud of themselves too, like the other parents and tell the others that their son/daughter has also scored the top position. They want the numbers, that’s the priority-the noble and highest achievement.

Then, there is the very system of teaching and compelling the students for just the marks that matter and not the education (meaningful), itself!

And this is the difference between India and other nations where the value is of the individual and not his/her qualifications. Though, they can’t be scrapped but they don’t mean the only thing.

India has its own set of rules and regulations of providing education, and what a brilliant manner in which the schools are doing it! Admirable, totally. The ranks and positions define the prestigiousness of the schools too, right? Then why not continue with the same procedure? Yes, they are doing it.

But the very important link in between, are the students themselves. Its just not understandable that how can be someone so dejected that one ends his/her own life, just due to a mere marksheet?

Its been instilled into them, into us, from the very beginning, and that may be the case, but still, they can’t loose their individuality  and conscience, so weakly. Students are becoming prone to their surroundings nowadays, and they are just not able to resist. They can’t put their own brain and thoughts behind what they are thinking and doing, and for what?

There’s a dire need for both the parents and students to realise that living peacfully and happily is so much important, and then only, one can also work on his/her goals of life, in a relevant manner. If you are born on this planet, then you must make it worth living. Temporarily down moments can wither you but you’re meant to move like the ray-straight towards the destination, and ready to spread the light, within oneself-the rest of the world will automatically see it.


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