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Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, the 500 kg Egyptian women has had a successful weight reduction surgery. Eman is considered to be the heaviest living woman in the world. The surgery was conducted under the supervision of well-known surgeon Muffazal Lakdawala, Chairman of Saifee Hospital’s Institute of Minimal Access Surgical Sciences & Research Centre.

On March 7, Eman underwent a sleeve gastrostomy, a surgical weight-loss procedure that reduces the size of the stomach to 15% of its original size. The surgery involved removing a part of the stomach to reduce the patient’s appetite  A large portion of her stomach fat has also been removed.

After coming to Mumbai and before her surgery, Eman lost around 120 kgs of weight. She has now been put on a high protein liquid diet that is administered to her through a feeding tube. Eman’s current diet chart is set by Nutritionist, Carlyne Remedios, and she receives 200 ml feeds every two hour starting from 6 am to 12 midnight. Back home, her diet consisted of a couple of chicken sandwiches and custard.

As per a member from Dr Lakdawala’s team, Eman’s protein supplement is mixed in 200 ml unflavoured soyamilk. She receives a total of 45 ml of Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil along with the feeds in order to meet her calorie values.

The doctors are hopeful that she’ll loose around 150 kgs before they carry out her next weight loss surgery. The team is still waiting for Eman’s genetic study reports. They want to correct all her medical associated problems and make her healthy before she travels back to Egypt. Doctors suspect that her obesity is linked to one or multiple genes of the 91 which are known to be connected to obesity. Her blood reports are normal and kidney functions have improved drastically during her stay at the hospital.

Although the doctors have stated that her treatment is free of cost, her travel costs are going to be covered by the online crowdfunding campaign started under the banner of, ‘Help Save Eman – The Heaviest Woman in the World.’

Suffering from a thyroid problem, the 37-year-old Eman gained immense weight, which made it impossible for her to move. In March 2017, she flew from Egypt in a special cargo aircraft to get admitted in Mumbai’s Saifee hospital, as part of a weight loss programme.



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