Miraculous and Mysterious places are always on the wish list of the travelers who love such places which have secrets stored in the hearts of them. India has a treasure of such places which amaze people whenever they visit these places. There are plentiful geological wonders in India, but today I am going to introduce to you 10 marvelous wonder spots of the country that will amaze completely.

So, Take A Look At The Spectacular Places Of India:

#1 Lonar Lake


This lake is located at Lonar, Maharashtra and it is said that it was created by a meteor during the Ice Age.

#2 Pillar Rocks


It is located in the Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu and it is famous for its unusual shape. It’s a set of three giant granite rock pillars.

#3 Borra Caves


It is located in Visakhapatnam and it is about 705 m hence known as the largest cave in the country.

#4 Marble Rocks


It is located in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh and is made up of 8 km long gorge called the Marble Rocks.

#5 Magnetic Hill


It is situated in Leh, Ladakh and it is said that it possesses some magnetic powers that pull any vehicle on the hill.

#6 Barren Island


It is the only active volcano in South Asia and is located in the Andaman Sea.

#7 Chir Batti


It can be seen near Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. Here one can witness an unexplained unusual dancing light phenomenon.

#8 Rann of Kutch


It is located in Gujarat and is the largest salt desert in the world of about 7,505.22 square kilometers.

#9 Toad Rock


It is situated in the Mount Abu’s Nakki Lake and it got its name due to the Toad Rock shape.

#10 Balancing Rock


It is located near Madan Mahal fort in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Here a huge rock is balancing on another rock.

Have you ever been to any of these Marvels of India? If not, then plan a trip asap, guys.


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