Marriages are so beautiful. It is said that marriages are made in heaven but the traditions and customs were made by us humans. We enjoy weddings and all the customs but how many of us know why and where all these customs were originated from? Probably no one, I guess!

But these customs hold great meaning to it. They were made for a reason. The best man, wedding bells, wedding rings and even honeymoon have a back story. These hidden and unknown facts make the weddings even more special.

Read ahead to know more.

1. Groomsmen and the Best Man

In many cultures, the groom is supposed to kidnap his bride before the wedding and the groomsmen help him in accomplishing it. The man who helps the groom the most in this kidnapping is declared as the best man on the wedding day.

2. Honeymoon!

About 4000, years ago in Babylon, the father of a bride was responsible for supplying mead to his son-in-law for almost a month. Their calendar was lunar based and since the son-in-law was drinking mead at that time, the month was declared as ‘Honey Month‘ which later on turned into ‘honeymoon‘.

3. Bride is hidden from the groom before the


It dates back to the time when the marriages were mostly arranged. It was believed that if the groom will see the bride before the wedding he might run away. In some cultures, it is said that seeing the bride in the wedding attire means seeing the future and it is considered as inauspicious.

4. Something “blue” and something “old”

Carrying something old means ‘continuity of the past’ and carrying something blue symbolizes fidelity, love, and purity.

5. Wedding Bells

We hear people saying that “When are we going to hear the wedding bells?“. The idea of wedding bells was to ward off any evil spirits.

6. Tiered Cakes

In ancient Rome, breaking a loaf of bread or a small bun over the bride’s head was considered as the fertility booster. This, later on, took the form of tiered cake. In middle ages, the bride and the groom were supposed to kiss over the cake without knocking it over.

7. Bride standing to the left of the groom?

The bride stands to the left of the groom so that the groom can fight off any rivals who try and kidnap his beautiful bride.

8. Why “tying the knot”?

Babylon gave us one more custom that is “tying the knot”. In prehistoric times, threads from both the groom and the bride’s dress were tied in a knot to mark their union. Almost all the cultures accepted this and now either the hands or the attire of the bride and the groom are tied in a knot to mark their union.

9. Wedding rings and third finger of the left


Engagement and wedding rings are worn in the third finger of the left hand. Ever wondered why? Apparently, it is believed that a vein in this finger connects directly to the heart.

10. Sapphire in wedding rings

Sapphire in a wedding ring symbolizes marital bliss.

11. Popularity of June Weddings

June weddings are popular because of the Roman goddess Juno who ruled hearth, marriage, and childbirth.

12. Golden wedding bands in the USA

The US turns more than 17 tons of gold in order to make wedding rings every year.

13. Weddings in China per year

China witnesses more than 26,000 weddings every year.

14. Stag Parties

The military nationals in the fifth-century in Sparta enjoyed themselves by raising a toast on the wedding eve. That’s where the tradition of stag parties and bachelor parties started.

15. White wedding gowns

This custom was initiated by Queen Victoria. Japenese preferred white to dominate their wedding dresses.

16. Guests in American Weddings

The average American weddings witness around 175 guests only.

17. Why bridal shower?

It is believed that ones a Dutch maiden fell in love with a penurious miller and to support her, her friends showered her with gifts that they can use later on. Ever since then it became a tradition.

18. Importance of veil

Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that veil protects the bride from dangerous evil spirits. The veil now became an indispensable part of the bridal gowns.

19. Carrying the bride over the threshold

Traditionally it was performed because it symbolizes that the bride is reluctant to bid adieu to her father’s house. It was also believed that evil spirits lurk the threshold and that’s why carrying the bride over the threshold helps in protecting her from evil spirits.

20. Top wedding destinations

Las Vegas is most popular wedding destination and witnesses over 100,000 weddings every year. Valentine’s day and New Year’s Eve are the busiest marriage days. After Las Vegas, Hawaii is very popular and witnesses over 25,000 weddings every year.

21. Bride throwing bouquet and garter

In ancient times tearing a part of bride’s gown was considered as good luck. That’s why the tradition of throwing bouquet and garter became so popular.

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