Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan’s 2011 release American Erotic Romantic Movie Fifty Shades Of Grey is known as the benchmark for films that deals with a different kind of love and romance. The film is based on a British novel written by E. L. James and it shows the story of Anastasia Steele(Dakota), a college graduate’s relationship with magnetic and charming young businessman Christian Grey(Jamie Dornan) and their sexual experiments.

Since the first installment Fifty Shades Of Grey and second part, Fifty Shades Darker have been released, everyone is waiting to watch its third part Fifty Shades Freed which will release next year.

So, now in case if you’re a fan of such romantic, erotic and sexy movies, then you have the long list to choose movies from. Here are 10 movies which you can find way hotter than Fifty Shades Of Grey. Let’s have a look:

1# Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down:


The film features Antonio Banderas and it shows how a man attempts to get his ex-lover to fall back in love with him.

2# Lie With Me:


It’s a story of a man who after meeting a new girl leaves his current girlfriend to pursue the romantic relationship with the new girl.

3# Cruel Intention:


Its a must watch film. How few wealthy high school students place a bet to deflower the daughter of the headmaster.

4# Blue is the warmest color:


This award-winning film is a story of a teen girl who forms an emotional and physical with a girl whom she met at a lesbian bar.

5# Killing With Softly:


For sake of passionate and wild sex a girl wants to abandon her boyfriend.

6# Secretary:


The film revolves around a passionate, simple girl yet very disturbed girl who finds more difficulty after joining as secretary of an attorney. But, ends up in BDSM relationship with him.

7# Last Tango in Paris:


It’s a story of widowed American who fell in for a strange and confusing relationship with a young French woman.

8# Shortbus:


When the couple fails to reach the climax of their relationship, they allow a third person to spice up their relationship.

9# Shame: 


Michael Fassbender starrer film revolves around a story of a man lives in NYC pretends to live a normal life but is actually a sex addict.

10# Basic Instinct:


This film is all about a crime novelist Sharon Stones who linked for her boyfriend’s death and later she manages to seduce the police detective who is investigating her rockstar boyfriend’ s case.

Have you seen any of these films? Don’t forget to mention in the comment!



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