Disneyland is like a dreamland for everyone. Be it, kids or adults, everyone wants to visit Disneyland at least once in their lifetime. And those who have been there claimed it to be absolutely dreamy and magical.

But Disneyland is not only about magic, romance, and fairytales. There have been certain incidents and happenings that are scary as hell. All these incidents were utterly terrifying in the history of Disneyland.

Have a look!

1. A Disneyland visitor was killed in 1998.


A man named Luan Phi Dawson went to Disneyland with his wife and son. They were waiting in the line to board a ride when a piece of metal flung off the Columbia ride and hit the man and his wife. The man died because of his injuries and the face of his wife was badly damaged. Their son saw it all with his own two eyes.

2. A cast member was crushed to death in 1974.


Debbie Stone was a hostess on a ride. She stood on a rotating stage during the 24-Minute America Sings experience. When the show ended the rotating wall closed in on the stationary wall. Unfortunately, Debbie Stone was standing there and became the victim of this tragic incident.

3. Two People died on Disneyland’s Matterhorn, California.


There were two incidents that happened on Disneyland’s Matterhorn, California. A man stood up in between the ride and hit his head resulting in his death in the year 1964. In 1984, a woman fell off her seat on the roller coaster ride and was hit by another car on the track.

4. A boy drowned at Disney World’s River Country Cove in 1982.


A 14-year-old was declared dead after the lifeguards brought him out. He didn’t come out of his slide down for a while which resulted in him drowning.

5. People used to dump the remains of their loved ones.


People used to dump the remains and ashes of their loved ones on Disney property. It became such a huge problem that the employees were trained to handle the visitors who used to claim that there are human remains scattered around.

6. An employee fell 40 feet to his death in February 1999.


An employee named Raymond Barlow was cleaning the rides when the operators started it. He tried to hold himself on the ride but unfortunately lost his grip and fell to his deathbed.

7. A man died in a monorail incident in 1966.


A man named Thomas Cleveland was trying to see what the park look likes in after hours. He scaled a wall onto the monorail track but he was spotted by the security guards. His body was dragged about 40 feet down the track before he died.

8. Pieces of monorail flew off the track and into the parking lot.


A Twitter user posted a photo of a chunk claiming that it flew off the Epcot monorail track and into the parking lot. He said that he was thankful to not get hit by it.

9. In 1991, a girl died in Disney World’s Haunted Mansion.


A girl named Kelly Ferguson was 15 when she tried to jump from one car to another in order to scare her cousin. But she got caught under the Doom Buggies and was dragged under the car.

10. A teen drowned in Tom Sawyer Island after park hours.


Two brothers hid inside the park in 1973 in order to explore and have fun after the park closes. They tried to swim from Tom Sawyer Island to Main Park Area. The older one was swimming with the younger brother on his back. The older brother went under the water and was found dead next morning.

11. A teen died while trying to jump from car to car in 1967.


Ricky Yarma was riding on PeopleMover ride. He stupidly tried to jump from one car to another car and was dragged for few hundred feets before the ride was stopped.

12. Two people lost their fingers in 2014.


In the Pirates of Caribbean ride in Florida, a man and a young boy broke the number one rule, that is ‘keep your hands to yourself’. As a result, the boy lost his four fingers and the man lost the tops of his two fingers.

13. An employee was trapped under a boat.


An employee in Disneyland Paris got trapped under a boat when It’s A Small World ride started. He was cleaning when it got started resulting in him getting trapped. Later on, a helicopter came to take him to the hospital where he took his last breath.

14. A 660-pound parade float collapsed during a parade.


A steel beam with planets all over it fell down during a parade in Disneyland Tokio. It caused for all the parades to be canceled for a while. Thankfully no one was hurt.

15. Monorail fire incident at Epcot station, 1985.


A monorail caught fire at Epcot station and the passengers were forced to kick the windows out in order to escape. There were two firefighters on board who helped all the passengers to escape. Good thing was that even though many people got injured, no one died. After this, there were fire detection systems installed in Disney World.

16. Derailment of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, California.


The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in California broke loose in 2003. It was filled with guests and one of them named Marcelo Torres died in this incident. Few other guests were also injured. All of them had to wait in the car with the dead body for almost 20 minutes before the paramedics arrived.

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