Having a male best friend is a blessing. They are the best secret keepers and also are more reliable. They cherish you and even spoil to some point. Every girl needs a guy best friend in her life. But it would be better to keep it to friendship.

But what if one day you accidentally sleep with your guy best friend? Sleeping with your best friend is a very daring decision one could ever make. You may just go with the heat of the moment but you will later have to face the consequences.

There will be so many doubts and unanswered questions in your brain. But what will you be thinking exactly? Read ahead to know the thoughts and consequences of your heated one night stand with your guy best friend.

1. Should we talk about it?


It’s a must but to gather that much courage is something to worry about.

2. What happens now?


You would obviously be curious about the future of your friendship.

3. What would he be thinking?


Sex is not some game. So being curious about what he thinks is normal.

4. Can we be friends anymore?


Think again, sweetie! Do you really think that you can be friends with him anymore?

5. Will this ruin our relationship?


Maybe or maybe not. That’s something you can only find out after talking to him or maybe his actions would answer it all.

6. Do we feel something for each other?


Talk to him about it. The best solution to solve this problem is to face it.

7. Can sex awake unexpected feelings?


There is a great chance that having sex with him will awake some hidden feelings for him in your heart.

8. Does he feel something for me?


Well, that you can see by the way he acts around you. If he is ignoring you or avoiding any eye contact then it’s obvious that he wants nothing to do with you anymore.

9. Will it be a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship?


If you really want to have this and you can control yourself and your feelings then maybe friends with benefits is not a bad idea.

10. Can we be in a relationship?


You can be or you can just say goodbye to your friendship. It all depends as to how you both feel for each other.

11. Will he tell about it to his friends?


If you don’t want anybody to know about this then maybe you should talk to him about it.

12. What if he is regretting it?


I hope he doesn’t but even if he does there is not much you can do about it now.

13. Can we both move on?


You both can try. But this one night stand will surely bring some changes in your relationship that’s for sure.

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