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A new study by London based experts has revealed that the couples who are obese have the higher risk of health for not only themselves, but also to their future children! Also, those partners who are alcoholic, do smoking, also risk the lives of their children.

Three scientific papers, in a series, from a leading medical journal, hint towards a poor lifestyle and health conditions for future generations. And they suggest that the new, young partners, planning to start a family, should inhabit a healthy and fit life, if they want their children to be healthier, in future.

Leading Professor Judith Stephenson, from University College, London, said:

“The key message is to act earlier, before conception. The idea that there are things you can do before the pregnancy that will affect the health of the baby is not always grasped.”

Continuing further, she told:

“The general view of most women is, ‘Once I’m pregnant I will go and see the GP and things will get going from there.’”

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But she clearly mentioned that her intention is not to distress the overweight parents and just that they adapt a more better and healthier lifestyle.

“All the evidence points to early events being very influential in later life, but you are not doomed at that stage. Things you do throughout childhood and adolescence also have a powerful influence on future health.”

The three papers being presented in the Lancet, also highlight the risk of malnourished girls who further happen to have stunted babies, lacking cognitive development, in this modern world.

Experts said, “In many low, middle, and high-income countries, up to 50% of women are overweight or obese when they become pregnant.”

Telling more elaborately, they also told that obesity is the major cause for adverse results for pregnant women and especially for the babies they give birth to.


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