A still from a scene from Blade Runner 2049

Warner Bros’s and Dennis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic and splendid sequel, Blade Runner 2049 has already been called an Oscar winner for its outstanding cinematography, whose credit goes to none other than Roger Deakins! And the celebrated cinematographer has also been nominated for a record 13 times, for an Academy Award, but missed everytime.

Will this be the end of his long wait and the fans of his movies? Well, we will surely see that next year, in 2018.

But right now, I have compiled some of the most breathtaking shots captured from the movie that tell their own story, even if just keep staring at them. And since the movie itself is a beautiful art canvas, its hard to pick the best angles and shots from so many fantastic moments. Still, I have tried to bring the best for you.

Here are the Top 10 Best Captured shots from Blade Runner 2049.


Joi’s expressions!


The gazing scene-one AI meets another


Plenty of Replicants!


The most iconic walking moment!


Finding something, Officer K?


The perfect angle, the perfect shot


This building has a story…


At the shore, being finally free of chaos


That great Ozymandias moment. Just Hold.


The long walk continues with great capturing


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