In our day to day activity whether in our houses, our offices or at any other place we use many everyday objects. There is nothing left to learn other than what we already know about the usage of these products.

However, You will be amazed to know that many random items we use every day have alternate purposes too.

Check out below to know about how useful these Everyday Products can be which you have been using wrong your entire Life:

#1. Ever wondered about the small pocket in your denim?


#2. Used Razor:


The used razors can be very useful. You can remove the pills of your sweater, jackets or clothes.

#3. Intentional Selfie:


Whenever you lent someone anything just remember to take their selfie with it. In case you forget it will help you.

#4. Lift


If you want to reach on any floor directly without any stoppage then just hold on the close button and along with it the floor button you want to reach.

#5. Erasers with two colors


The both part in the erasers is not for a pencil. The blue part is for erasing the ink. Many who use blue part for rubbing end up with a hole in the paper.

#6. Wooden stick


The wooden stick in your kitchen can be of great use. Put it in the middle of your pot and then the liquid will never come out of the pot.

#7. Soda tabs


You can hang more stuff when you put it in your hanger.

#8. Never hold beer bottles with their body


When you do this the heat from your hand get transferred to the beer bottle and thus the beer gets cool down. So, hold it with their narrow neck and enjoy it for long.

#9. Bobby pins

Yes, girls, you have been using them all wrong. The wavy side is the one which will help you in keeping your hairs on the place.

#10. Loop in the shirt


The back loop in the shirt is for the hanger so that you don’t have front and back wrinkling in your shirt.

So, start using these objects correctly from now onward!!!




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