Blade Runner 2049 has been a phenomenon, as far as the critics are concerned, who care for the cinematic aspects of a film. But the other side, that is, the audience have shown a contrary attitude towards this exceptional visual masterpiece. Whatever the reason is, its really-really sad and a big shame for those who are not going to watch it.

Meanwhile, there are lots of other fans who seem to be in awe of the two of Ryan Gosling movies, last year’s Oscar sweeper La La Land and the current, Blade Runner 2049.

A Youtuber called TheDoctorofWill, has come up with a Mashup trailer of these two mindblowing movies!

Watch for yourself and give your feedbacks about this unique mix-up of these two Gosling Movies, titled ‘La La Land 2049’.

Drop the comments and remarks in the respective section and for some more Blade Runner 2049 stuff, scroll down to the given links.

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